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Leadership on a Changing Landscape

A little over a week ago, the Chicago City Council voted 41-8 to approve a new map for Chicago's 50 Wards. Despite the fact that the 45th Ward boundaries were not dramatically affected by the new map, John stood up against what he called “the procedural jockeying used to bring about a vote on this map” and voted no, along with seven other aldermen.

This isn’t just about a collection of shifting boundaries; this is about responsive leadership. Too often, city council is content to allow major changes to our political landscape without public input, in the name of expediency. As Ald. Bob Fioretti asked after the rushed vote, "Don't people have a right to see this?"

Yes, they do.

John believes you have a right to a voice in the shape of our political communities, and that’s why he’s running for committeeman. He wants you to be represented in everything from candidate support to precinct placement. Just as he stood up and demanded a better map for the city, he will stand up and demand a better political organization for the 45th Ward.

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